MPMS 86853 Route 248 RealignmentNorthampton Co.SR 248 Section 05S

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Determination of Effects: Effects Finding - Above Ground

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This posting contains an above-ground determination of Adverse Effect, with the associated Determination of Effect Report, Historic Bridge Rehabilitation Report, and photographs and figures of the Area of Potential Effect. PennDOT determines: the bridge cannot be rehabilitated to meet the project needs; its replacement will have an Adverse Effect to the Bath Historic District; the other associated project work will have No Effect to the Bath Historic District; and the project will have No Effect to the Daniel Steckel House. PennDOT invites Section 106 Consulting Parties to review and comment on these findings. In order for comments to be fully considered by the team, please return them in writing to me ( no later than 3/17/2021. PennDOT also proposes a context sensitive replacement bridge to mitigate for the adverse effects. SHPO concurrence with these determinations is also requested.

By: Kris Thompson        On: 2/16/2021 7:39:26 PM

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Thompson, Kris
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McDougal, Steve
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Above Ground Concurrence
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